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400 Trade Center, Suite 4850, Woburn, MA 01801

With the opening of our first east coast office nearly 10 years ago, our firm stretched from coast to coast.  As the cultural home of New England, and one of the education centers for the world, Boston is an exciting place to live and work. 

(781) 933-6533


Tom Elkins
Managing Vice President
It was in 2001 that Tom joined the Trilogy Financial team in Denver, Colorado. He quickly found himself in a management role early in 2004...
(781) 933-6533 x2602

Paul Dio
Financial Advisor
Paul Dio, Financial Advisor  with Trilogy Financial designs, builds and connects the next generation of entrepreneurs through behavioral...
(781) 933-6533 x2628

James Ellis
Wealth Advisor
As the eldest in a large family, James has a natural tendency to look out for the best interests of others and to lead by example...
(781) 933-6533 x2645

Jorge Flores
Financial Advisor
As a Wealth Advisor, Jorge provides his clients with comprehensive knowledge and investment strategies to help them achieve their financial...
(781) 933-6533 x2636

Melissa Gallant
Wealth Advisor
Melissa joined Trilogy Financial in January 2018 to continue her passion of helping individuals...

(781) 933-6533 x2647 

Dale Sarpard
Wealth Advisor
Through coaching and education, Dale enjoys putting his clients’ interests at the center of his attention...

(781) 933-6533 x2644 

Joe Vita
Financial Advisor
Joe has more than 40 years working in the financial services industry. For most of his career he worked for investment banking firms in the...
(781) 933-6533 x2616

Tara Vary
Operations Administrator
(781) 933-6533 x2601


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