For some, starting a family is an absolute essential to a fulfilling life. However, it is not the only option. Many couples, myself included, are hesitant about having children or are clear in their decision not to. There are many personal reasons why people choose to not have children. Whatever the reason, your choice should be respected, and the opportunities of a lifestyle sans children should be well-thought out, made to work towards your advantage.

DINKS may have opportunities that those with children do not. They also have special considerations. These may range from saving strategies which may allow you to retire early, the potential need for more life or long-term care insurance for yourself and your spouse, tax strategy so that you don’t pay too much, and developing clear communication strategies for talking with one another about money.

Providing guidance to non-traditional families, whatever they may look like, is a service I am happy to provide. From managing spending so that the money saved from not having children can benefit you as much as possible, to ensuring your estate documents are in order so that you and your partner’s wishes are respected and carried out at your most vulnerable moments, I look forward to working with you to create a strategy that is right for your life.


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