Portfolio Management

TrilogyCapital builds investment models based on risk-conscious asset selection which allows our clients to invest based on their preferences for volatility, management style, and long-term performance potential. We believe that long-term success is the product of prudent asset allocation managed through diversified portfolios.

CORE PORTFOLIO SERIES is the family of investment strategies focused on globally-balanced portfolios of relatively low-cost investment options. These strategies are intended to give broad market exposure not focused on any one sector or geographic region, providing index-like returns with lower risk over full market cycles.

SELECT PORTFOLIO SERIES is the family of investment strategies focused on actively-managed portfolios of sector or strategy focused securities.These strategies seek to provide investors with non-correlated returns to the CORE SERIES as well as potential alpha* as compared to standard benchmarks.

SLEEVE PORTFOLIO SERIES is the family of investment strategies focused on portfolios for smaller accounts and automatic investment plans. These strategies are designed for investors who cannot meet the minimums for the CORE SERIES and would still like access to a globally-invested, actively-rebalanced strategy.

CONTINUITY PORTFOLIO SERIES  is the asset management arrangement by which we oversee long-term held assets such as fee-based annuities, REITs and bond ladders. CONTINUITY PORTFOLIOS will often be unique to the investor but require less active management due to the buy-and-hold strategy.




There is no guarantee that asset allocation or diversification will enhance overall returns, outperform a non-diversified portfolio, nor ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

*Measures the difference between a portfolio’s actual returns and its expected performance, given its level of risk as measured by Beta. A positive (negative) Alpha indicates the portfolio has performed better (worse) than its Beta would predict.

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