Occasionally during tax season we, as financial advisors, receive referrals from CPA’s. For example, a new flourishing business whose tax bill is much larger than they had anticipated. 

After looking at the different options for business retirement plans, a financial advisor could advise the client on which plan could provide them the ability to contribute a significant amount of their income. By making contributions they could decrease the amount that they will need to pay for taxes in their upcoming tax filing. The client’s financial planning and tax planning would become in sync and their CPA would be happy that the client is in a better standing. 

Here at Trilogy, we really go out of our way to talk with the other professionals that our clients are connected to, whether it be their CPA or their Estate Planning Attorney. It is important that the advice I provide to my clients works well with their tax advice and their legal advice, so I always try to consult with my clients' tax and legal representatives to find a cohesive solution to their planning needs.

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