Investment Philosophy

An investment philosophy is a set of guiding principles and investment techniques that inform and shape an individual’s investment decision-making process. In order to be successful with any investment strategy, you have to start out with a philosophy that is consistent in substance and one that corresponds not only to the markets you decide to invest in but your personal and individual characteristics as well. Inside of each financial plan is a subset of investment philosophies and investment techniques that Trilogy uses based on time-tested market principles. While every investment philosophy may not relate to every plan, it is important to understand not just what investments are out there, but how to utilize them in a way that most directly correlates to your unique goals and objectives.

Investment Types

There are many different ways in which to invest your money and in order to decide which investment vehicles are suitable for you, you need to know their characteristics and why they would fit a particular investing objective. When looking at investing through the lens of financial planning, it is critical to start with the right questions first. Understanding investment types must begin with a “why” then a “what.” Why are we saving this money? How will we eventually use it? With answers to these questions it is much more likely that with the guidance of a qualified Trilogy advisor you can then answer the next question: What types of investments are suited to my ultimate goals and objectives?

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