Dave Huisinga
Senior Vice President of Investments

As Senior Vice President of Investments at Trilogy Financial, David Huisinga has distinguished himself as one of the company’s most productive and hardest working executives having earned its Bakers Dozen Award* for productivity for 11 of the past 12 years. He owes his success to working closely with his clients, many of whom are baby boomer retirees, so that they can pursue financial independence. The fact that 100% of his clients are referral based is a reflection of their confidence in his abilities.

He began his career at Trilogy in 2002 as a Financial Executive at the Irvine office and quickly rose through the ranks. He has remained there since, for a 3-year period during which he helped open the firm’s Corona office.

His career path was an unlikely one given that his original goal was to become a dentist. But after studying at UC Irvine for 5 years, he realized that that was not the direction he wanted to travel. So he and his wife, Ainara, took some time to reassess their lives. They took bartending jobs at night and David spent his days helping an entrepreneur launch a start-up health insurance company. When his wife became pregnant with their first child, he began looking for a more stable career suited for his talents and skills. That led him to Trilogy Financial and the career that has catapulted him to great success.

Today, he and his wife and 2 children, Nolan and Ava, reside in Cypress and their world centers around soccer, a game that both David and Ainara played as kids and their children compete in today. (David even serves as coach of Nolan’s team.) 

* Baker’s Dozen: Top 13 Revenue producing advisors in Trilogy



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