The independent financial planner of the past was someone working out of their home office, a pioneer forging his or her own path in financial services.  Over time, there has been an evolution of the independent financial planning industry.  It is this growth and change that has created a real benefit for clients seeking unbiased, individualized financial planning advice.

Today, independence does not mean being alone.  It means that an advisor is not tied to a specific financial product or company.  We have the entire universe of financial products from which to choose.  If a client’s plan calls for guaranteed income for life or liquidity, we can find something that works.  If that client prefers socially conscious investing, we can find a product to suit their needs.  We will also make sure our clients know the pros and cons of the investment tools we use so that they can make informed decisions to implement their plan.  An independent advisor has the freedom to recommend products rather than just sell them.  There’s a big difference.

At Trilogy, independence means that an advisor has the flexibility to work with clients on a fee only basis, commission basis, or a combination of the two.  We work with our clients to determine the complexity of their planning needs as well as their service needs to forge a relationship that will best help them reach their financial goals.

An independent advisor focuses on the client’s unique needs without trying to shoehorn each client into a certain company or product.  We train our representatives from day one to focus on building the right plan for each client based on their specific needs and goals before we choose the products that will help us implement their plan.  This method puts our client and their goals above anything else - right where they should be.

We understand that you have many options when picking a financial planner for your family.  You could choose a big name who advertises during sporting events, the guy who knocked on your door from the office down the street, or the person your respected friend or colleague uses.  Whomever you choose to partner with and reach your most important financial goals (and we would love the opportunity), go with an advisor who is not tied to one company or one product.  He or she will be more likely to have you in mind when building your plan.

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