Our Story

Like so many great institutions, Trilogy’s story begins with an uncommon idea. The idea that was the seed for our firm began in the late 1990s in the minds of founders Jeff Motske and Kevin Mackintosh. At the time both were successful executives at a regional investment firm. While they both had successful personal practices as well as growing branch office operations, something in them quaked for a better version of the industry that they had grown to love.

Jeff believed that financial services—in many situations—had become too caught up in transactional sales techniques and short-term thinking. He saw the shocking contract between the “Wall Street-style” thinking of his industry and the very “Main-Street-style” successes of his best clients. His clients weren’t doing well because they’d picked some perfect stock or because they gambled at just the right moment and won. Their finances weren’t being held together by flashy products demarked by bells and whistles. As his clients aged and moved toward retirement, they began one-by-one turning in their Wage-Earner Card and depending on their assets and savings for their Financial Independence.

These three things became the foundation for a new kind of financial services firm: Trilogy Financial. The little firm that could, started with minimal resources, a skeleton staff and a lot of hope and got to work.

Today, one client at a time, Trilogy has become a nationwide firm with clients from coast to coast. Our clients have over $2 Billion dollars in investable assets with us and our staff has grown to over 150 comprehensive advisors. Trilogy continues to recruit and mentor new talent to the industry, a commitment abandoned by many of its competitors. Because of this, our multi-generational staff understands the needs and perspectives of a wide variety of client needs and functions on the cusp of progressive ideas and opportunities we can utilize to help our clients now and into the future.

Today as always Trilogy lives by its career development motto: Never Stop Growing. Where will Trilogy’s story lead? We believe the sky's the limit. Come join us as we travel with our clients wherever their story takes them. As their stories grow, so does ours and the future is ours for the making.

Why We Exist

Trilogy Financial was founded on the idea that an independent financial services firm could successfully be a place where people find new careers in financial planning and that this place could provide comprehensive service in the arenas of financial, tax and estate planning. The original “Trilogy concept” was the merger of these ideals.

Out of humble beginnings, Trilogy became one of the fastest growing companies in the financial services industry and today services more than $2 billion in assets over 150 advisors in 10 regional centers. Trilogy’s combination of training and support for newer advisors alongside its partnering ability with reputable tax and estate professionals has made it a go-to venue for financial planning needs of people from Santa Barbara to Denver to Boston and everywhere in between. It is a company whose existence is grounded in its relationships: with its advisors, its clients, its partner professionals and its business associates from throughout the industry. Trilogy’s decision making never begins with the question of “will this help our bottom line?” But rather “will this help us grow our relationships?” Because we know that as our relationships go, so goes our business and our bottom line.

With Trilogy's relational commitment and the success it has garnered, many have tried to emulate our success. To the point where some of Trilogy’s founding practices are now commonplace in the industry. It is now normal, if not expected, for an advisor to collaborate with tax and estate professionals. Many, like Trilogy, have these professionals at the ready, some even as employees of the same firm. Similarly, many firms have sought to become a starting place for motivated young professionals to begin careers in financial services. And as the marketplace for such talent has tightened, so has the expectations of a firm who is in such a business.

As the market has become more crowded with firms who have aligned themselves with Trilogy’s methodologies, we continue to innovate and grow in line with the evolution of our industry and the needs of its clients. We are consistently incorporating new technology, learning from competitors, increasing our capacity to collaborate with talents both within the firm and without.

And yet as the world around us changes and we continue to evolve, our core reason to exist holds true: to raise up the next generation of independent financial advisors and in doing so help millions of Americans achieve financial independence.

In short, we seek both for our newly hired trainees and for our clients the same idyllic end: that their stories converge into one of financial health and personal well-being. We seek to provide our staff and advisors the tools to take their careers farther and faster, to grow in their autonomy and ability to reach out and develop broader and deeper relationships with clients and prospects. In the process, we seek to allow the independent advisors within our team to spur on the same independence in the lives of their clients. To help financially-conscious Americans to take the reins of their financial life, to open those quarterly statements and reports, to understand what’s happening, and then to make qualitatively better decisions over time.

We say here that planning is progress, not perfection. But it is better to say that we pursue progress to a particular end. We are here to help advisors progress toward quality, skill, independence and loyalty among them, their clients and the firm. And we are here to ensure those advisors catalyze progress for their clients toward their highest goals. We, at Trilogy, bring stories together. We metabolize the learning of the past to progress toward the aspirations of the future, all while doing our best with the decisions of today.

Every person, whether they be a hiring candidate or client prospect, comes to us with three competing stories: the past, the present and the future. And it is only through the alchemy of relationships of trust that these stories can roll into one.

To us they bring their stories. And they are our reason to exist.

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